Ethereum Trading Bot VortexValor Automated Platform for ETH

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And finally, you can head over to the “More” section on the app to check the status of your plan, type of accounts, settings, and other options. Overall, the entire VortexValor interface — web or app — is easy to navigate. Presets can help you tweak the settings to mimic the potential of these bots. Do note that with bot presets, you can fine-tune your trading strategies for day trades, swing trades, and even scalping.

At last, traders can use TradingView’s tools for global markets research, such as the Stock screener or Economic calendar, to find the best assets for analysis. VortexValor is a crypto platform that allows users to set up automated bots for trading crypto non-stop and access the crypto market for preset and minimized risks. API metrics observer agents on VortexValor monitor all API keys under the domain of VortexValor.

  • Those tasks are developed for such cases when a trader urgently wants to close his bots and exit the trades as soon as possible.
  • We have been working with Binance since 2017, in October 2019 we became official partners.
  • As discussed previously in our comprehensive VortexValor review, it offers several features; it is secure and can be used to deposit funds to linked exchanges.
  • A lot of useful information for those who just start to learn crypto trading.
  • Select from diverse plans designed for users at various levels, ensuring a smooth progression from beginners to advanced crypto traders.

This will help you learn to trade and also get used to the VortexValor system. A crypto trading tool that is idle for beginners and advanced users alike. A VortexValor Ethereum bot allows you to create, analyze, and back-test portfolios as well as monitor other user’s best performing portfolios to learn successful strategies for yourself. Reading the market correctly can be a full-time job but once programmed, you can have the program running in the background while you reap the benefits.

Having looked through the different coins and applied the basic technical analysis skills, we decided to focus on the ZRX/USDT pair. To activate the „Trailing Buy” option, click the slider to turn it on. Trailing Sell has exactly the same logic as Trailing Buy but has the reversed settings.


One key takeaway from our exploration is that the choice between trading stocks or cryptocurrencies is not as crucial as the strategy employed. Both types of assets can be traded effectively with the right bot and strategy. It’s essential to align your choice with your risk tolerance, financial goals, and expertise in the respective market.

SmartTrade and Terminal enable you to set your trades in advanced based on triggers you specify. Also, please note that prioritisation for the development teams is ordered by service performance and security, regulatory requirements and then by feature requests with the most upvotes. Some features may be held back due to “blocking tasks” that may need to be performed to allow a requested feature’s development to begin.

And it takes the concept of algorithmic trading to a whole new level. Grow while you move from demo to live trading, with support of comprehensive educational VortexValor materials. Select from diverse plans designed for users at various levels, ensuring a smooth progression from beginners to advanced crypto traders.

An excellent, perfectly structured course, I liked the blocks about cryptocurrency and exchanges for beginners. Other than that, VortexValor offers an excellent service, and its popularity is a testament to how well the market has accepted it. Do check out our detailed VortexValor Review to further details on the platform. Next, search for the correct crypto asset you wish to deposit into your account.

VortexValor is one of the highest-rated and most reputable cryptocurrency trading bot platforms around and is well worth the price for anyone who wants to go down this road. They offer one of the best trading terminals, highly efficient bots, and some of the most robust and comprehensive trading software platforms I have come across. Having a professional tool by your side that helps you automate trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is an advantage anyone needs to have. Take control of your money and fear nothing regardless of how the market conditions are. VortexValor has award-winning bots that help customers move about the right way.

Also, in the “My Grid Bots” section, next to your Bot data, you will see the realized profits on the right. If necessary, you can stop the Bot, wait seconds (so that the Bot can cancel all limit orders on the exchange), make changes to the grid, save and run it again. As a non-custodial trading platform, the service does not hold users’ funds.

Setting up DCA bots can be overwhelming for new traders, who aren’t always sure about navigating the interface. This is why VortexValor has the Gordon Bots in place, which are standard DCA bots but with prior setups handled. You simply need to add these bots to your trades by giving minor tweaks to the price levels. And yes, you can even initiate buy or sell moves using this crypto trading tool. Also, VortexValor offers accessible documentation to support the use of this feature, ensuring that you use it correctly. Safeguards your assets with Sign Center’s secure API key storage at both infrastructure and access levels.