The Best CRM for Startups: What to Know Before You Buy

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While price is always an important factor when making any purchase, it’s especially so for startups. Many CRM solutions offer pricing plans that scale with company size and provide discounts to new companies. One last thing worth mentioning is that Maximizer CRM’s pipeline and deal management features provide startups with the ability to track leads, deals, and opportunities easily.

  • SMBs represent a huge market, which is why some big CRM players are scaling down their enterprise offerings to meet the needs of smaller organizations.
  • Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) is a user-friendly, cloud-based software solution aimed at simplifying contact and lead management for small businesses.
  • If you’re already a Zendesk customer, this is probably the CRM for you.
  • You can use these metrics to track individual performance and improve your organization’s productivity and revenue.
  • As we mentioned, HubSpot offers a robust free plan that can get you started on marketing, sales, and customer service at no cost to your business.
  • gives you access to contact cards, displaying all contact-related data, including documents, activities, and deals.

You can view everything you need about each contact on a single page and manage all your customer data. Contact view lets you offer a personalized experience to all your customers. offers a free 14-day trial to its customers, where you can create smart views and access the sales automation and the predictive dialer. Focus more on your leads and close more deals with a unified view of your marketing pipeline. You can create multiple pipelines in a single dashboard for greater precision. This gives you an instant view into the actual; and expected values, thus offering an accurate sales forecasting report.

Zoho CRM — Solid Free CRM That’s Great for Affordable Scaling

An ideal CRM software system will collect and centralize all information and sources under one umbrella, making it simple to keep track of customer data. With the right CRM system in place, startups can catapult their business operations into the big leagues. Much more than just a digital rolodex, a CRM tool is the linchpin for successful customer relationship management. This should be a separate app, not just a mobile „capability” (which almost always means a mobile-optimized version of the desktop website).

best crm systems for startups

It’s important to note that monday CRM requires a minimum of three users for each plan, so costs will be higher than the per user costs above. For example, the Basic plan is only $10 per user, per month, but you’ll be required to have at least three users, so the minimum cost would be $30 per month. To make your search for a CRM solution easier, we’ve gathered together recommendations we typically give to new businesses about how to find the best system for their unique needs.

Get Started with the Best CRM Platform for Your Startup

Are you providing every employee an iPhone or is yours a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, which inevitably means supporting multiple platforms? Some apps offer a read-only view of your sales pipeline or contacts but don’t let you make updates until you get back to a computer. Others offer a seamless and responsive experience, letting you do everything on a mobile device that you would on a computer. Don’t commit to CRM software until you’ve used the mobile app in a way you and your team would do on a day-to-day basis. For many SMBs and their agents, the mobile component of a CRM app might be more critical than the desktop version.

While it’s best for this type of enterprise, it’s also scaled for businesses of all sizes. You can assign different leads to your sales teams according to their market segment or where the leads originated from. It offers a unified solution, allowing your sales and marketing teams to communicate which marketing initiatives are effective, with information about customer marketing demographics. has a planning tool to help you manage every aspect of your business.

Verdict: What Is the Best CRM for Startups?

If ease of use is the most important factor for you, and you don’t want to have to spend weeks onboarding new users whenever you hire a sales rep, we’d recommend Pipedrive. If you want a cost-effective, end-to-end solution with a broader feature set, you can’t go wrong with Salesforce Essentials. Startups often require multiple software solutions to run their operations efficiently. The best CRMs are intuitive and easy to learn, allowing businesses to start using them quickly without having to invest in extensive training or hiring IT staff just to get up and running.

best crm systems for startups

HubSpot CRM is often seen as the best CRM software for startups and for several good reasons. If you’re a startup owner, you can take advantage of its robust core features without spending a dime, and as your company grows, there are affordable options to expand the toolset. This flexibility in pricing is especially beneficial for startups watching their bottom line. Insightly leads the way when it comes to project management, with a ton of advanced tools for workflow automation. Or, if you’d prefer to keep things simple, Pipedrive is very easy to use and implement. Salesforce is widely considered one of the best CRMs for startups because it’s user-friendly and offers easy integration with third-party applications like QuickBooks or Zoho Mail.

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For starters, it offers low cost pricing plans, starting at only $15 per user, per month, that can get you started without a big financial commitment. Even better, you get access to that plan completely free, as long as you have three users or fewer, a very attainable limit for the average startup. It truly is the best free-forever CRM on the market right now to streamline your business thanks to the free features on offer. Let’s take a deeper look at the top free CRM for startups in 2023, with HubSpot leading the way for businesses around the world, no matter what size or scale. We’ll review the key features, integrations, scalability, and more, including the key advantages and disadvantages of each one so that you can make an informed decision. EngageBay gives you access to a free plan, where you can add up to three users, manage up to 500 contacts, embed lead generation tools, and create custom landing pages.

best crm systems for startups

If you’re new to CRMs, you’ll find its interface intuitive, which means less time learning and more time doing. In addition to the above, we also considered factors like customer support, documentation, and customization options. Pipedrive is one of the most simple and intuitive CRM solutions on the market, which makes it ideal for startups that want to get moving quickly. And lastly, there’s the HubSpot Academy, which provides unlimited free access to training materials to help you to get the most out of your CRM and bring your team up to speed. HubSpot is our overall top pick thanks to its generous free plan, extensive suite of tools, and startup-exclusive discounts.

Zoho CRM — An All-Rounder CRM for Startup Companies

They’re also increasingly distributed—even globally—and the devices used by sales staff can vary widely. So it’s important that your CRM support not just PCs but also tablets and phones. These kinds of CRMs begin at $10 per user per month for the more basic solutions but can cost upwards of $50 per user per month for more comprehensive services. That routing function is less complex than the data gathering and parsing function, but it’s no less important. Your CRM can score top marks on gathering data and still fail overall if it can’t get that information to the right people at the right time.

So it must be essential that whatever software you use, you can learn quickly. An integrated CRM software can generate excellent ROI that starts from $2.50 for every dollar invested in the solution. In addition, they can increase sales by 29%, forecast accuracy by 44%, and salesforce productivity by 32% – according to a study conducted by Salesforce, a leading CRM solutions provider. With the right CRM for startups, you can quickly and accurately identify problems and predict your future growth. Dig into the data to highlight weak links in your sales process and understand which sales activities bring the best and worst conversion rates. One of the most important developments in CRM for SMBs and entrepreneurs is the availability of easy yet effective mobile apps.

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You can create multiple deal tracks and trigger automatic follow-ups accordingly. This tracker lets you access real-time metrics and predict future revenue accurately. Time-saving, revenue-boosting marketing automation offered by this CRM software can be built right into your best crm systems for startups workflow. They help you easily identify outreach steps that you can quickly optimize. These sequences can be used with your email and calling campaigns to increase the reach rate. Prioritize your leads and increase your startup’s revenue by improving your reach rate.