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Legend of the Ice Dragon is a slot where you can take part in a wonderful gaming experience through winning clusters and its subsequent effects, where the ice frames really can help to boost the wins. Once you have filled the meter with 80 symbols, you can still fill it with additional symbols. Each time you land 10 symbols in addition to the first 80, you get 2 ice frames placed on the reels.

  • Dragon-themed slots are also a regular part of that and cross many cultural influences, making this theme a great option.
  • The Pendragon Legend manages to marry both, resulting in an extraordinary, magical gaming experience.
  • If I said ‘wilds wilds wilds’, would you know what game I’m talking about?
  • Over the last few years, you have probably noticed Dragon Spin appearing in more and more casinos in Vegas.

Bally is known for they unique approach to every theme and no matter how many interpretations there are, it is always safe to bet on this developer bringing something new and fresh to the table. Take a look at our games for the first half of 2023, kicking off with Fortune Dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Get ready to contend with the mighty beast on your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. The slot accommodates both high and average rollers with a bet range between $0.2 and $100.

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Gambling is one of my main passions in life and I strive to help players find the best place to relax and get excited about gaming. While these creatures may symbolize luck, good fortune, and power in some cultures, in others, they are seen as dark and mysterious destroyers that torment mankind. In ancient Mesopotamia, these beasts were seen as both friendly and evil characters. Ancient Persian texts detail a dragon known as Azhi Dahaka, and the beast was often used on banners and flags for battle.

When was the Legend of the Ice Dragon online slot released?

Bets are adjusted manually, by scrolling up&down the betting table located on the right side of the screen. Mascot Gaming, a stand-out among slot game developers, known for their unparalleled soundtracks, ensures that The Pendragon Legend is no exception. The music is both evocative and immersive, making you feel as if you’re a knight of the Round Table or a damsel who’s far from distressed.

Legend of the Ice Dragon Slot Conclusion

While dragons are regular parts of many Asian games, this may also be shifting to see these creatures move to differing realms. Games like Little Dragons have even reimagined these fantasy animals into pet-like friends more akin to Muppets than Godzilla or The Hobbit’s Smaug. For those who enjoy playing progressive jackpot games, there are a few other concepts to remember. Many of these games have a minimum wage that you have to meet to qualify for the progressive.

What makes these wilds extra exciting is that they can help activate multipliers with the help of their creation of ice frames. This can give multipliers of up to 8X per position during a spin, which in combination with several quickly can yield gigantic wins. It locks the ice frame in place whenever it lands, and the multiplier of that frame increases by 1.

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Players drop in a few bucks and hope to slay the dragon and win some bucks as well. Whether fire-breathing or cute and cuddly, much of the world is fascinated by dragons. These https://slot-online.com/pg-slot/phoenix-rises/ fantasy beasts have been a part of cultures around the world and featured in popular fiction, mythology, children’s literature, television, and movies for centuries.

Our math favors our entertainment focus, with an understanding that high volatility and chasable big wins are important. Slot machine Legend of the Ice Dragon with an Asian theme, a dragon in the lead role and various features. The main actions in the Legend of the Ice Dragon slot take place on a 7×7 playing field, winnings are formed using clusters. Dragon Blast – This is slightly more complex but can lead to the biggest possible payouts. Any wild symbol will leave an ice frame around its position, and this remains active until the end of a series of cascades. Several random modifiers help to extend a series of cascades at any time.