Introducing TokenTact, the tool that let’s you buy and sell digital money on Binance, and many other exchanges automatically !

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The security features form multiple layers which prevent hackers from breaking into TokenTact servers and causing disruptions of services. TokenTact has been a secure place for trading and learning about cryptocurrencies and the market. Instead, a realised profit or loss refers to complete trades where the coins have been sold.

  • These bots allow for more complex and sophisticated trading strategies, helping traders minimize risks and optimize their returns.
  • These currencies that you can use to buy other coins are quote currencies, and you will find them listed (if available on the selected exchange) in the “wallet” dropdown.
  • The platform is dynamic, with fresh trading indicators introduced regularly, allowing for greater customization.
  • The company stores the API private keys on separated data storage and encrypts them with the AES-256 standard.
  • When you’re setting a rule, you have to choose which exchange to trade on.

I’m new to crypto & was looking for a bot that I could use to trade. After trying 4 different bots/companies I came across @TokenTact. What I like the most is they offer a library of information that can help you through each market cycle and pre-set templates that you can use. Good company if your looking for a trading bot for every market condition.

Other strategies catch better these market cycles and just looking at the moving averages, it’s just not a good fit. One thing to keep in mind when deciding which indicator to add to your strategy is the intrinsic lagging nature of every technical indicator. Given that the bot calculates them starting from historical data, by definition, they can provide a signal (buy, sell or some other price confirmation) only after it happened. I wouldn’t consider it a proper limitation, but just one aspect that every trader should always consider when analyzing the signals. TokenTact permits you to grab whatever opportunity even while you sleep!

The Ichimoku + ADX strategy is an improved version of the standard Ichimoku Cloud. Ruben, Head of Trading at TokenTact will show you the best strategies to put in place and answer all your questions. Unlike other crypto companies, in 2017 we didn’t launch an ICO, instead we raised funds from MKB Bank and Angels. Today we are fundraising again and
You Can Be Part of This Journey. ​Visit this page where you will find a list of guides that will help you connect the exchange of your choice to TokenTact. Copy and paste your PassPhrase, API Key and API Secret Key into TokenTact’s Exchange connect section with KuCoin selected.

TradingView offers countless trading setups which you can customize to fit your needs and execute trades on your favourite crypto exchange. Mudrex is an automated crypto investment platform that allows users to invest either in strategies made by traders, use pre-built templates, or build their system. With Mudrex, you either use their indicator-based bots or create a bot from scratch, or use bots built by fellow traders.


There’s a comprehensive tutorial and a rather enthusiastic video on their website. Experiment with the length of time over which you select your test data, as longer periods can take a frustrating amount of time to process. Eventually, your attention will be spread across multiple exchanges, so how do you track everything efficiently? In the case of a flash crash, how do you exit all your positions across several platforms at the same time? How do you fine-tune your entries and exits ‘on the fly’ to get ahead of the crowd? Add up to three conditions for each block, allowing maximum flexibility to achieve any trading strategy traders would need.

There are many options on the market you can choose from, but likely no other is as user-friendly and easy-to-use as Trading with the Demo Exchange is the perfect way to start automated trading. The Demo exchange is connected to Binance, which means that you can test your strategies with all the available coins on the exchange. This strategy buys and sells in predefined price intervals to benefit from fluctuations in sideways markets. Grid trading involves placing buy and sell orders at set intervals to take advantage of the price volatility.

TokenTact shows the actual performance of your rules and what it adds to your holdings; hence, the net profit on the dashboard is the total profit of all the rules run on the account. Making a profit is at the center of trading, so it is important to understand how profit and loss are calculated in TokenTact fully. TokenTact also uses Ukey1 as a secure authentication gateway partner, and as a result the team do not store passwords in their database. Ukey1 also encrypts all personal data and passwords are hashed using advanced algorithms, while the website is further secured by using Cloudflare CDN as to protect against DDoS types of attacks. Here with the “Buy The Dips + Stop Loss/Take Profit” Template, the strategy is automatically setup to make purchases in the event that any coin on your integrated exchange account drops by 10%.

The company stores the API private keys on separated data storage and encrypts them with the AES-256 standard. Cloudflare protection grants a further layer of security against the risk of DDoS and attacks of different nature. They are selective in which plans have access to customer service. For example, the standard plan can only contact customer service via Email/Discord. However, there is a comprehensive list of answered questions on their support page that is useful for users.